Image Settings

Image Settings

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Image Location

Choose where you’d like the featured image or media library image to be placed within each cell of your Advanced Grid Builder.


If you select this option, the image will cover the entire background of the cell. This setting applies a background-image style, not an <img> element, so including an image in the element pattern won’t have any effect. Background images will be centred and cover the entire cell.


If you select this option, images will follow your settings in the element pattern. You’ll need to include the image field within your pattern for this setting to take effect.


If you select this option, no image will be shown. This setting will override your element pattern.

Image Aspect Ratio

If you select “Content” as the image location, you can set an *aspect ratio to resize your images to a fixed shape, regardless of the dimensions of the original file. Enter an aspect ratio in width:height format, or select one from the options provided. You can leave this field blank to remove the aspect ratio. The original images won’t be modified.

This is a useful feature if you’re creating a grid with images of different shapes and sizes, which could make your grid look messy. For example:

Without an aspect ratio:

Image Location

With an aspect ratio set to 16:9:

Image Location

*Please note that the term ‘aspect ratio’ refers to the proportional relationship between an image’s width and height. For example, an aspect ratio of 1:1 would create a square, while an aspect ratio of 16:9 would create a rectangle that is wider than it is tall.