AGB Pro plugin support

We include a super convenient support request tool inside the AGB Pro editor.  To submit a request, simply enter a message in the provided text box and press the update button.

Replies are emailed to the address used to register the plugin when purchased.  If that address has changed or you can’t remember it, please submit an account support request below.


License / Support

AGB Free plugin support

AGBfree support is provided through the WordPress plugin support forum.  Before posting a question, please search through the forum first to see if the question has already been answered.

Retrieve/Manage License Keys

If you have lost your license key, need to unregister a website, or just want to check the status of your license, check our Manage License page.

Account Support

For all other account related issues please use the form below.  Please note that plugin support related questions will not receive a response.