Override Image Filler

There may be times when the content source you’ve selected includes items that don’t have a featured image. This could be intentional, or it might be because no image was uploaded with the post.

Advanced Grid Builder (AGB) offers a useful feature to set a default image for those grid cells that don’t have an underlying featured image set. This ensures that your grid maintains a consistent appearance, even when some of the content doesn’t have its own image.

To set the default image, you’ll need to enter an attachment ID into the “Attachment ID of filler image” field. The attachment ID is the post ID of the attachment, which is usually an image that has been uploaded to the WordPress media library.

Finding the attachment ID is straightforward. Simply navigate to an image in the media library and click on an image thumbnail. This will take you to the Attachment details screen. The attachment ID can be found at the end of the URL in the address bar, as shown in the image below:

Override Image Filler

By using this feature, you can ensure that every cell in your grid has an image, creating a more visually appealing and consistent layout for your website visitors.