Click Behaviour

Click Behaviour

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What Should Links Do

These settings allow you to control what happens when users click on linked elements in your grid. This can enhance the interactivity of your website and provide a more engaging user experience.

Open Lightbox/Slideshow

When this option is selected, clicking on a grid cell will open a full-screen lightbox and slideshow featuring all images in the current grid. The slideshow uses the ‘full’ media size for each image to populate the lightbox, ensuring high-quality visuals.

Open Post

The destination that the user is taken to when clicking on a grid cell depends on the query source:

  • Post type: This links to the underlying post page, allowing users to read the full content of the post.
  • Taxonomy: This links to the archive page of the underlying term, providing users with a list of all posts associated with that term.
  • Media library: This links to the attachment page for the image. WordPress automatically creates an attachment page for each item in your media library. However, because these pages can negatively impact SEO, they are often disabled by SEO plugins like Yoast and Rankmath. If you encounter a 404 error with this setting, you can either re-enable attachment pages through the plugin or consider unchecking all linked elements.

Open Fixed URL

Select this option and enter a URL in the Fixed URL field to have all cells in the grid link to that address. This can be useful if you want to direct users to a specific page, such as a contact form or a product page, regardless of which cell they click on.