Theme Preset: Watermark fade

The best way to understand the power of the Advanced Grid Builder (AGB) Pro plugin is by exploring our interactive demo. This hands-on experience allows you to create dynamic content grids, customize layouts, and styles, all while seeing the changes in real-time. It’s a practical way to understand how theme styling is achieved through the front-end settings editor. And if you want to try different configurations, simply refresh the page to reset the grid to its default settings. The AGB Pro Demo is more than a demonstration; it’s your gateway to revolutionizing the way you present your WordPress content. Experience the transformative potential of the Advanced Grid Builder today.

Click the blue cog to configure this demo grid.
AGB Theme v6.3.0
Postgrid ID
Accent Colour
Odd Colour
Even Colour
ID of agb to copy
ID to send to the cloud
ID to retrieve from the cloud
Grid type

Christopher Dresser Candlesticks

pair of christopher dresser candle sticks 24CM H X 15 CM WX 5 CM D

Sterling Silver Scent Bottle

glass scent/perfume bottle with sterling silver overlay

Bitossi Owl

orange bitossi owl

Whitefriars Glass Bark Vase

assorted coloured whitefriars glass bark vases

Murano Glass Fish

murano pink glass fish

Murano Glass Duck

murano blue glass duck with gold fleck bill

Murano Glass Duck

murano glass duck with pink tail

Depression Glass Jug

green depression glass measuring jug

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