Grid Sizing

Grid Sizing

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Cell Heights

The height of each cell in your grid is primarily determined by the length of its content. Title and content elements can have varying lengths that produce cells with uneven sizes.

For some layouts such as our cards preset, having an uneven size produces a desired effect. However, for other layouts, you might prefer all cells to have equal heights regardless of their content.

The Advanced Grid Builder provides two options for achieving equal cell heights:


When the ‘Equalise’ option is checked, all cell heights are adjusted to match the height of the tallest cell each time content is loaded. If you have a load more option configured, cells will be re-adjusted with each page load.

The ‘Equalise’ cell heights function works in a similar way to the equalise title heights function, the latter applying only to the title element.

Cell Aspect Ratio

With this setting, every cell is forced to the same aspect ratio by modifying its height. It works the same way as the image aspect ratio setting. Enter an aspect ratio in ‘width:height’ format. The drop-down list includes common aspect ratios, but you can enter any value.

Please be aware that setting a cell aspect ratio can create issues with certain layouts, as shown below:

Cell Heights

In this case, you could either set a taller aspect ratio, or use the ‘Equalise’ option instead.

You can set both cell height options at the same time. However, in this case, the aspect ratio setting will be overruled if content does not fit.