Load More

The Load More settings in your Advanced Grid Builder provide control over how additional pages of posts are loaded. These settings offer two main options: manual loading through a button click or automatic loading. Both methods use AJAX to load content, eliminating the need for traditional page navigation and enhancing the visitor’s experience.

Load More Button

Choose this option to include a “Load More” button that users must click to add the next page of content to the grid.


Optionally, you can specify a label for the “Load More” button. If left blank, the default ‘+’ symbol will be used.


This option allows for a conventional paged navigation style. A widget will be placed under the grid, enabling users to navigate between pages of cells.

Number of Page Links

Specify the number of page links you want to include in the navigation widget.

Infinite Scroll

Selecting this option will automatically add the next page of cells to the grid as the user scrolls to the bottom.


Be mindful that if there are many cells, infinite scroll can significantly extend the page length as the grid expands. This might make it challenging for users to access content below the grid, especially if there are a large number of cells. It can lead to design issues, particularly on mobile devices.

Button on Mobile

To mitigate potential design problems on mobile, you can check the “Button on Mobile” option. This will disable infinite scrolling on mobile devices, providing a more user-friendly experience.