Settings Dialogue Box

The Settings Dialogue Box is a feature of the Advanced Grid Builder plugin that allows you to adjust the settings of your grid. You can access this box by clicking on the blue cog icon, which appears next to the grid when you’re viewing a post or page that contains the grid’s shortcode.

The blue cog icon will only be visible on the front end of your website when you’re logged in as an administrator. The ‘front end’ is what your website visitors see when they visit your site.

By clicking on this icon, you can open the Settings Dialogue Box and adjust various aspects of your grid, such as its layout, appearance, and functionality. This gives you a high level of control over how your grid looks and works, helping you to create the best possible experience for your site visitors.

In WordPress, ‘Magic Fields’ are custom fields that can be dynamically replaced with specific values when a page loads. You can select Magic Fields from certain drop-down input field where you see an option surrounded by quotation marks. When your AGB grid runs, it replaces the magic fields with corresponding values that are relative to […]

The navigations icons provide control for moving the settings dialog, opening and collapsing the accordion panels, and settings redo and undo. Icons Undo Use the undo icon to go back to the settings prior to pressing the update button.¬† If you find your Dyggrid gets itself into a state that you did not want but […]