Release Notes

Version 6.0.2

Release Date: 2023-11-18

New Features
  • Shortcode Rendering Toggle: Introduced a new setting to enable or disable shortcode rendering in content fields, offering more control over content presentation.
  • Enhanced Features Table: Updated the features table to separately list free and pro features, enhancing readability and user understanding.
Bug Fixes
  • Background Image Application: Resolved an issue where background images were not being applied correctly, ensuring consistent visual styling.
  • Tagify Method Retrieval: Fixed a bug where the tagify on method wasn’t correctly retrieved from stored instances, improving functionality.

Version 6.0.1

Release Date: 2023-11-10

New Features
  • Pro to Free Feature Shift: Initiated changes to transition certain pro features to the free version, enhancing the base version’s capabilities.

Version 6.0.0

Release Date: 2023-10-24

Bug Fixes
  • Multiple Bug Resolutions: Addressed various unspecified bugs to improve overall stability and performance of the software.

Version 5.9.7

Release Date: 2023-09-21

  • Taxonomy Term Image Logic: Improved logic for finding a taxonomy term source image by using the first matching post’s featured image if no other source is available.
Bug Fixes
  • Form Submission Filter Issue: Resolved a bug where form submission filters were not functioning correctly, enhancing data processing accuracy.
  • Loop Infinite Scroll Params: Fixed an issue with incorrect parameters used for loop infinite scroll, ensuring smoother page navigation.

Version 5.9.6

Release Date: 2023-09-19

New Features
  • Empty Form Submission Detection: Added logic to detect and exclude empty form submissions from the database, streamlining data management.
  • Multiple Taxonomy Filters: Introduced the ability to have multiple taxonomy filters and select multiple terms simultaneously, offering enhanced filtering options.
  • Tagify Input Field for Filter Widget: Added tagify input field behavior to the filter widget, improving user interaction and data entry.

Version 5.9.5

Release Date: 2023-09-05

Bug Fixes
  • Email Subject Line Encoding: Corrected an issue where the subject line of emails was double base64 encoded, ensuring accurate email communication.

Version 5.9.4

Release Date: 2023-09-02

New Features
  • Gradient Fade Carousel Theme: Added a new gradient fade carousel preset theme, offering more aesthetic options for carousels.
Bug Fixes
  • Carousel Background Image Stability: Fixed a bug where carousel background images would disappear during resize events, enhancing visual consistency.

Version 5.9.3

Release Date: 2023-09-02

Version 5.9.2

Release Date: 2023-08-31

  • Streamlined Presets: Removed content source fields from presets, simplifying the user interface and configuration process.

Version 5.8.7

Release Date: 2023-08-25

New Features
  • Expanded Free Features: Introduced additional free style presets, enhancing the versatility of the free version.
  • Pagination in Free Version: Moved all pagination features to the free version, increasing functionality for all users.
Bug Fixes
  • Plugin Version Compatibility: Addressed various plugin version compatibility issues, ensuring smoother integration and functionality.
  • Form Editor Version Display: Modified the version logic used in the form editor for displaying the current version, improving clarity and accuracy.
  • Load More Spinner Alignment: Corrected the alignment of the ‘load more’ spinner, ensuring it’s centered for better user experience.
  • Preset Reset Handling: Fixed an issue where reset was not handling situations where the preset is set to none, enhancing the reset functionality.
  • Accordion Order in Free Version: Resolved an issue concerning the order of accordions in the free version, ensuring proper sequencing.

Version 5.8.6

Release Date: 2023-08-22

New Features
  • Accordion Behavior Options: Introduced three new options to enable accordion behavior, Accordion enable, Accordion show first and Accordion toogle.
  • FAQ Accordion Preset Style: Added a new preset style specifically designed for FAQ accordions, enhancing the user experience for FAQ sections.
  • Dynamic Sorting for Basic Style Checkboxes: Modified the list of basic style checkboxes to be dynamically sorted by label, making the selection process more intuitive and user-friendly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Equal Column Widths Calculation for Tables: Resolved an issue where existing inline widths were not cleared before calculating equal column widths for tables, ensuring accurate layout and consistency in table presentations.

Version 5.8.5

Release Date: 2023-08-21

Bug Fixes
  • Minor Bug Fixes: A series of minor bug fixes to improve overall stability and performance.

Version 5.8.4

Release Date: 2023-08-21

New Features
  • Matrix CSS Styling of Buttons: Added button CSS styling to the matrix matrix, enhancing the design capabilities within the plugin interface.
  • Object Fit Option for Images: Introduced an object fit option for images with an aspect ratio, allowing more precise control over how images are displayed within various grid formats.
  • Image Max Width Enhancement: Modified the image max width setting to also add a CSS width setting with the same value, allowing more consistency in image display across different devices and resolutions.
  • Revised Carousel Theme Preset: Updated the carousel theme preset, ensuring that it aligns with the latest design trends and offers a smooth user experience.

Version 5.8.3

Release Date: 2023-08-20

New Features
  • Relevanssi Keyword Highlighting: Integration with Relevanssi to add keyword highlighting to titles, enhancing search visibility and user experience.
  • Modified Relevanssi Search Logic: Refinement of the search logic in cooperation with Relevanssi for more accurate search results.

Version 5.8.2

Release Date: 2023-08-17

Bug Fixes
  • Minor Bug Fixes: A series of minor bug fixes to improve overall stability and performance.

Version 5.8.1

Release Date: 2023-08-17

  • Style Presets Update: Updated all style presets to adhere to the latest argument standards, ensuring compatibility and consistency across different styles.
  • Standardization: Uniform usage of ‘N’ and standardization of presets for a more coherent codebase.

Version 5.8.0

Release Date: 2023-08-16

New Features
  • Mobile Infinite Scroll Option: Added the ability to disable infinite scrolling on mobile devices, giving users more control over the browsing experience.
  • Responsive Width: Replaced fixed-width margins with cell gaps, and introduced responsive widths, providing a more flexible layout that adapts to different screen sizes.
  • Fixed Height Grid Size Option: New option to enable a fixed grid height size, offering more precise control over grid appearance.
Bug Fixes
  • Media Library Source Fix: Resolved an issue where media library sources were not functioning correctly, restoring full functionality.
  • Cloud Saving Issue: Fixed an issue that prevented successful saving to the cloud, ensuring a seamless sync process.

Version 5.7.0

Release Date: 2023-08-09

New Features
  • Cloud Grid Preset Save and Retrieve Function: Added the ability to save and retrieve grid presets in the cloud, facilitating easier collaboration and consistency across different devices and projects.

Version 5.6.1

Release Date: 2023-08-04

  • Documentation Update: Updated and refined the plugin’s documentation, making it more informative and user-friendly.
  • Max Field Width Setting: Introduced the max field width setting to support table formatting, allowing more precise control over the appearance of tables.
  • Disable Term Hyperlinks Option: Added an option to disable term hyperlinks, providing users with more flexibility in handling content linking.
Bug Fixes
  • Incompatibility Fix: Resolved an incompatibility between equalizing cell heights and content vertical centering, enhancing layout stability.

Version 5.6.0

Release Date: 2023-08-04

New Features
  • Table Styling Enhancements: Added various features to support tables, including image max width setting, table field headers, associated styling, field padding, and equalized field columns. These additions make table creation and customization more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Odd and Even Row Colour Feature: Introduced the ability to color odd and even table rows differently, enhancing the visual distinction and readability of table data.
  • Terminology Change: Switched the terminology from ‘elements’ to ‘fields,’ aligning with common industry standards and enhancing clarity.

Version 5.4.1

Release Date: 2023-07-28

  • Markup Enhancement: Improved the markup used for cell and transition links, resulting in cleaner, more semantic HTML.
  • CSS Selector Update: Replaced the usage of !important in CSS with the #id selector, promoting better coding practices and maintainability.

Version 5.4.0

Release Date: 2023-07-24

New Features
  • Switch to Fancybox 3.5.7: Transitioned from Magnific Popup to Fancybox 3.5.7 for enhanced modal window functionality and user experience.
  • Minor Preset Edits: Minor adjustments to existing presets, further refining the appearance and behavior of grids, lists, and accordions.
Bug Fixes
  • AGB Version Detection: Fixed an issue with accurately detecting the AGB version, ensuring compatibility and correct behavior across various versions.

Version 5.3.0

Release Date: 2023-07-23

New Features
  • Multiple New Carousel Presets: Added several new carousel presets, expanding the options for carousel designs and user interactivity.
  • New Theme Preset for Carousel Fade: Included a new theme preset specifically for carousel fade, offering additional styling options for a seamless user experience.
  • Theme Preset Array Code Cleanup: Optimized the theme preset array code, making it more efficient and maintainable.
  • Checkbox Update Logic in JS: Improved the after-submit checkbox update logic in JavaScript, enhancing the responsiveness and accuracy of form handling.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Nested Grid Filtering: Resolved an issue where filters were not working on nested grids, restoring full functionality and user control over grid content.
  • Image Overlay CSS Property Change: Changed the image overlay CSS property to allow for gradients, enhancing visual appeal and design flexibility.

Version 5.2.0

Release Date: 2023-07-21

New Features
  • Hover Shadow Styling Option: Introduced a hover shadow styling option, enabling more engaging visual effects on hover interactions.
  • Carousel Padding Options: Added track padding and center padding options for carousels, allowing more nuanced control over carousel appearance and behavior.
  • Breakpoint Validation Logic: Revised and improved the breakpoint validation logic, ensuring that responsive design rules are more robust and reliable.

Version 5.1.0

Release date: July 20th, 2023

New Features:
  • Improved grid sizing logic and sanitization: The plugin now has enhanced logic and sanitization for grid sizing, providing more accurate and reliable results.
  • Re-arranged settings panels: The settings panels have been re-arranged based on the frequency of usage, making it more convenient for users to access frequently used options.
Bug Fixes:
  • Minor bug fixes: Several minor bugs have been resolved, improving the overall stability and performance of the plugin.
  • Carousel bug fixes: Issues related to the carousel functionality have been fixed, ensuring smooth and error-free carousel behavior.
  • Error fix for resize JS function: An error that could cause the resize JavaScript function to fail has been addressed and resolved.
  • Fix for row layout styling: Fixed an issue where the row layout styling was incorrect when whole cell linking was used, ensuring proper display of row layouts.

Version 5.0.0

Release date: July 17th, 2023

New Features
  • Carousel Feature: Introduced a carousel feature which allows the conversion of grids into sliders and carousels. This addition provides users with more dynamic layout options for their WordPress posts.
  • Shortcode for Plugin Version: Implemented a shortcode that fetches the current version of the plugin.
  • Slick Fade Feature: Slick Fade has been added as a new animation effect for the carousel, expanding the customization possibilities for users.
  • Icon Background Colour: Changed the background colour of the edit icon to enhance visibility, especially against similarly coloured backgrounds.
  • Edit Icon Positioning: Moved the edit icon inside the wrapper container to ensure its visibility in full-screen width layouts.
  • Link Clicking Settings: Revamped the link clicking settings to be more intuitive and resistant to conflicts that arise from various combination settings.
Bug Fixes
  • Lightbox Class: Fixed an issue where the lightbox class was not being added to slideshow cells, preventing the proper functioning of slideshows.
  • Google Fonts with Litespeed: Resolved an issue which caused Google fonts to not load when using Litespeed combined CSS, ensuring that fonts are correctly displayed on all platforms.
  • Carousel Bugs: Identified and rectified various bugs in the new carousel feature to ensure smoother, more reliable user experience.

Version 4.8.1

Released: Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 16:30:31

Resolved Bugs
  • Fixed Google Fonts Issue: We addressed an issue where Google Fonts were not loading correctly when combined with CSS in LiteSpeed.

Version 4.8.0

Released: Tue Jul 4 09:29:08 2023

New Features
  • Enhanced Sort Widget: The sort widget has been improved to utilize AJAX for loading the sorted grid. This enhancement eliminates the necessity for a complete page load, making the sorting process smoother and quicker.
  • Advanced Pagination Feature: We’ve introduced a new pagination feature to augment user experience. In the past, grid cells were loaded via two options: infinite scroll or a ‘load more’ button. In our recent update, we’ve added a classic pagination widget as a third option, allowing users more control over their browsing experience.


  • Optimization of AJAX Calls: We have changed the “load more” AJAX call to a GET request, making it cachable. This modification significantly boosts performance by reducing server load and providing quicker response times.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Pagination Issues: We’ve addressed and resolved various issues related to the pagination feature, resulting in an improved, more reliable browsing experience.

Version 4.7.0

Released: Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 21:49:35

New Features
  • Image Background Overlays: We’ve introduced overlays for image backgrounds, enhancing visual effect and user experience.
  • Refined Media Query Logic: The logic for media queries has been improved for better responsiveness and optimized performance.
  • Accent Color CSS Update: The accent color CSS has been updated to provide a fresher, more vibrant look and feel.
  • Standardized File Names: We have standardized file names, enhancing consistency and maintainability.
  • Modified DYG Colors Function: The DYG colors function has been modified to separate colors from root CSS, improving manageability and customization.
  • Updated CSS for AGB Accent Colors: We’ve changed the CSS to variable types for AGB accent colors for enhanced flexibility and maintainability.
Resolved Bugs
  • Copy-id CSS Issue: We fixed an issue related to the find/replace functionality in copy-id CSS.
  • Comparison Table Revision: The comparison tables have been revised to present information more effectively and correctly.
  • DYGForm Element Queue Issue: We addressed an issue where the DYGForm element queue was an object instead of an array, improving its functionality.
  • Editor Output Test Condition: We tightened up the test condition for outputting the editor, ensuring more reliable and accurate results.
  • Sort Selected Button Highlighting: Fixed the issue with the ‘Sort Selected’ button not highlighting properly when activated.

Version 4.6.0

Released: Thursday, June 22, 2023, 17:59:36

New Features
  • Theme Color Feature: We’ve added a new theme color feature, offering users more customization options.
Resolved Bugs
  • DYG Enqueue Script Issue: We’ve fixed an issue where the DYG enqueue script did not correctly convert the URL to path.

Version 4.5.0

Released: Monday, June 19, 2023, 21:02:13

  • License Messages Modification: We’ve made minor changes to the license messages on the plugins page for better clarity and understanding.
  • DYG Plugin Updater: The DYG plugin updater has been updated to improve functionality and reliability.
  • Widget Output Code Update: We’ve updated the widget output code so that the hierarchy works without archive page links.
  • Resize Modification: We’ve changed the resize function to prioritize the aspect first, enhancing image presentation.
  • Editor Accordion Enhancement: An expand icon has been added to the editor accordion, improving user interface and navigation.
Resolved Bugs
  • Filter Alignment and Spacing: Issues with filter alignment and spacing have been fixed, improving the visual layout and user experience.
  • Theme and Free Clash: We’ve fixed the clash issue between theme and free, enhancing compatibility and usage.
  • Vertically Centering Issue: We’ve resolved an issue where vertically centering was not working properly.
  • Copy Id Field Location: The location of the copy id field has been moved for better accessibility and convenience.
  • Sortable Destruction Error: Fixed an error related to the destruction of sortable when it doesn’t exist.

Version 4.4.0

Released: Friday, June 16, 2023, 12:32:15

New Features
  • Queue Function in DYGForm: Added a queue function to DYGForm insert, enhancing functionality and user control.
  • Background Image for Cell/Container: Introduced an option to add a background image for cell/container, enhancing customization and visual appeal.
  • Grid Justification: Added grid justification feature, improving the flexibility and appearance of grid layouts.
  • Row Equalisations: We’ve implemented row equalisations, allowing for more balanced and aesthetic grid layouts.
  • Additional CSS Properties: We’ve added extra CSS properties to the matrix, providing more flexibility and customization options.
  • Updated dygpg_go_pro.php: We’ve made enhancements to the dygpg_go_pro.php file for better performance and functionality.
  • Width Calculation Function Simplification: The width calculation function has been simplified for improved efficiency and readability.
Resolved Bugs
  • Layering Issue with 3D Transitions: We’ve fixed a layering issue with 3D transitions when transition links were active.
  • Issues with Pattern Separators: We’ve fixed an issue where pattern separators were not behaving correctly, ensuring a better user interface and experience.
  • Transition Covering Image Alignment: We’ve fixed an issue where transition covering images did not align properly.

Version 4.3.0

Released: Thursday, June 1, 2023, 16:15:44

New Features
  • Role Capability Features: We’ve added new role capability features, enhancing user control and customization.
  • Documentation Updates: Various changes and updates have been made to our documentation for better clarity and understanding.

Version 4.2.0

Released: Monday, May 29, 2023

New Feature
  • WordPress Update Emails: We’ve added code to disable WordPress update emails, reducing unnecessary notifications.
  • Email Handling: We’ve switched to using wp_mail for better and more efficient email handling.
  • Colour Function Redefinition: We’ve prevented the redefinition of the colours function when both theme and plugin are activated, enhancing performance and compatibility.
Resolved Bugs
  • Minor Bug Fixes: Various minor bugs have been resolved to enhance the stability and performance of our software.

Version 4.1.0

Released: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

New Feature
  • Meta Fields Modification: We’ve moved meta fields to free as hidden fields, streamlining data management.
  • Rebranded AGB Changes: We’ve made rebranded changes related to AGB, updating its presentation and functionality.
  • File Renaming: Root files have been renamed to improve organization and management.
  • Theme Testing Fixes: We’ve made fixes related to theme testing for improved functionality and performance.
Resolved Bugs
  • AGB Fixes: We’ve made additional fixes related to AGB for better reliability and user experience.
  • Plugin Update Icon Issue: We’ve fixed an issue where the plugin update icon was not loading properly.

Version 4.0.0

Released: Monday, May 8, 2023

New Feature
  • Pro Plugin Testing: We’ve initiated testing for the Pro plugin to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • Feature Set Revision: The Pro/Free feature set has been revised for better user experience and functionality.
  • Style Handling: We’ve updated dygpg_styles_pro.css for improved style handling and presentation.
  • Codebase Streamlining: Pro-specific files have been removed to streamline the codebase and improve maintainability.
Resolved Bugs
  • AGB Version Display Issue: We’ve fixed an issue where the AGB version was not being displayed.
  • Lightbox Navigation Arrows Visibility: We’ve fixed an issue where the lightbox navigation arrows were not visible, improving navigation and user experience.

Version 3.11.0

Tue Apr 25 2023

New Features
  • Added jQuery UI images
  • Updated magnific-popup.css
  • Updated dyg_testing.php
  • Updated dyg-standard-styling.css for better performance
  • Refined list indent styling
  • Modified list indent styling to work only inside divi text modules
  • Modified CSS for a fixed blue colour in the edit form
  • Removed localhost as the URL for update checking
  • Improved CSS for indenting of lists
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues in contact form processor
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Resolved issues related to WooCommerce add-on
  • Fixed minor bugs with Chineur upgrade
  • PHP 8 compliance

Version 3.10.0

Wed Mar 15 2023

New Features
  • Added pattern meta icons
  • Modified the way the transient key is created for API calls
  • Refinements to previous
  • WordPress 6.2 compatibility testing
Bug Fixes
  • PHP 8 compliance changes

Version 3.9.0

Sat Mar 11 2023

New Features
  • Added filter category label option
  • Added filter all link field to override archive page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue of Loop posttypes not being detected for the filter widget

Version 3.8.2

Thu Mar 9 2023

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue of loop not using AGB sort order
  • Fixed issue of titles not showing in the lightbox gallery

Version 3.8.1

Sat Mar 4 2023

  • Removed rich excerpts
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where Relevanssi was indexing CSS

Version 3.8.0

Released: March 3, 2023

New Feature
  • Term separator added to arguments
  • Meta tag replaced with separator character
Bug Fixes
  • Issue with some style presets not setting use-columns correctly has been fixed

Version 3.7.1

Released: March 2, 2023

New Feature
  • Added defaults for CSS attributes
  • Revised Relevanssi to modify the query only for a search
  • CSS for pattern modified

Version 3.7.0

Released: March 1, 2023

Version 3.6.0

Released: February 27, 2023

New Feature
  • Image Filler attachment ID input field added
  • Style CSS migrated to the CSS grid
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes implemented to prevent infinite loops and refined Relevanssi support
  • Bug fixes related to search indexing applied

Version 3.5.1

Released: February 27, 2023

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug introduced by Relevanssi search changes

Version 3.5.0

Released: February 27, 2023

New Feature
  • Theme mod added to make Divi search work with all post types
  • Support for the Relevanssi search plugin added

Version 3.4.0

Released: February 24, 2023

  • Font Awesome localised

Version 3.3.0

Released: February 21, 2023

  • Fixed issue of nested post grids not loading content
Bug Fixes
  • Issue of pattern separator not always working has been fixed

Version 3.2.0

Released: February 13, 2023

New Feature
  • Accordion preset style added
  • Fixed issue of equal heights not working with accordions
Bug Fixes
  • Compatibility issue with AGB free has been fixed

Version 3.1.0

Mon Feb 6 12:52:34 2023 +1100

New Feature
  • Added CSS attributes feature

Version 3

Sun Jan 22 12:52:57 2023 +1100

New Feature
  • Added ACF field feature
  • Added reporting endpoint
  • Added an identifier to tracking
  • Improved “all” link logic for filter widget
  • Added send time to email send function tracking data
  • Made changes related to dygiphy site compatibility
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue of decoded variable being array not object

Version 2.1.0

Mon Dec 12 22:35:33 2022 +1100

New Feature
  • Added gallery thumbnails preset
  • Added horizontal and vertical centering
  • Converted transition presets to dropdown
  • Converted theme preset buttons to dropdown
  • Added match_image aspect ratio
  • Added 1-6 columns in free version
  • Added image hover zoom
  • Improved post handling of the build_filter function
  • Changed form prefill to sense administrator rather than localhost
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where magic fields had no ID context
  • Fixed issue with presets not applying
  • Fixed line height issue on cell
  • Fixed free plugin related bugs
  • Fixed theme update registration URL
  • Fixed dygiphy theme updater issue

Version 2.0.0

Tue Nov 29 12:08:09 2022 +1100

New Feature
  • Added transition animations
  • Added aspect ratio to content
  • Added equal content heights feature
  • Added hover fade preset
  • Added additional transition animations and presets
  • Improved the preset styles interface
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where unsaved id conflicts with reset
  • Fixed further issues to do with undo/redo
  • Fixed further redo/undo bugs

Version 1.3.1 – Nov 24, 2022

New Feature
  • Added a check in the plugin to determine the theme in use, ensuring better compatibility across different themes.
  • Updated the theme updater for smoother theme transitions and improvements in the overall performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various bugs and enhanced the stability of the plugin.

Version 1.3.0 – Nov 22, 2022

New Feature
  • Added a Copy ID function to the style presets panel, making it easier for users to duplicate style settings.
  • Added inline/block pattern fields and consolidated meta/pattern options for enhanced flexibility in layout designs.
  • Implemented the ability to change the sizing of the Grid ID input field, providing more control over grid dimensions.
  • Updated and improved the plugin’s reset functionality to avoid affecting content source data.
  • Refined the Stripe live/test logic for better transaction handling.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the help link slug was not filtered correctly, improving the help function’s navigation.
  • Resolved an issue where the cursor was not changing to zoom icon over slideshow images, enhancing user experience.

Version 1.2.2

Release Date: Nov 17, 2022

New Feature
  • Added customer support grid to enhance user support experience.
  • Added functionality to prevent saving unchanged shortcode arguments, optimizing database use.
  • Moved gallery columns feature to free version, offering more capabilities to free users.
  • Added styles hook for easier addition to the styles array, improving customizability.
  • Added CSS statements array logic, enhancing CSS management in the plugin.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed multiple CSS issues for better consistency and look and feel.
  • Resolved an issue of duplicate page more results, improving plugin’s output consistency.
  • Fixed a problem where unknown license keys couldn’t be de-registered, improving license management.
  • Fixed issues related to help functions, enhancing the user guide and help documentation.

Version 1.2.1

Release Date: November 4, 2022

New Feature
  • Added the grid_sizing addon with initial support for legacy styles. This is the first step in expanding the capabilities of the plugin to handle diverse grid dimensions, providing a more flexible grid layout to users.
  • Implemented drag and drop pattern functionality, providing a more interactive and intuitive interface for users to customize their post layouts.
  • Added column control for free plugin. This extends the functionality of the free version of the plugin, providing more layout control to a wider user base.
  • Introduced dropdown select/option to dygform, enhancing the form customization options for users and broadening the range of input methods available.
  • Significant style adjustments were made to enhance the visual presentation and user experience of the plugin.
  • Replaced select2 with jQuery sortable to provide a more efficient and smoother interaction for users during post layout customization.
  • Improved dygform post sanitisation, further enhancing security and data integrity during form submission.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of content not showing correctly for media librar, ensuring consistent and reliable post displays.
  • Resolved the issue with the clear input button not showing, improving the usability of the form inputs.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing editor fields from populating, ensuring a seamless user experience when customizing post layouts.
  • Resolved issues related to plugin functionality, enhancing overall plugin stability and performance.
  • Fixed an issue with the default ‘Load More’ button, ensuring consistent and reliable performance of pagination features.

Version 1.2.0

Sunday, October 23, 2022

New Feature
  • Added control over columns for the free version of the plugin, offering greater customization options to users without requiring a pro upgrade.
  • Reverted ‘echo’ back to ‘return’ for the main shortcode, ensuring correct functionality and better compatibility with the wider WordPress ecosystem.
  • Removed hardcoded ‘wp_content’, improving the adaptability and portability of the plugin.
Bug Fixes
  • Several minor bug fixes enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the plugin.

Version 1.1.2

Thursday, October 20, 2022

New Feature
  • Added a dropdown select/option to ‘dygform’, enhancing user interaction and offering more flexible form inputs.
  • Enhanced security by improving post field sanitization, ensuring cleaner and safer data handling.
  • Increased code quality and adherence to best practices following a WordPress code review. Notably, ‘dyg-post-grid’ was escaped to prevent potential security vulnerabilities.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the default ‘load more’ button not functioning properly, thereby improving user experience.

Version 1.1.1

Date: Fri Oct 7 2022

New Features
  • Plugin specific files have been added to enhance the plugin’s functionality.
  • Massive changes have been made to the form layout, which now has a clearer split between free and pro features. This allows for a better user experience and understanding of the available functionalities.
  • The form editor has undergone CSS changes, improving its visual appeal and usability.
Bug Fixes
  • A typo in the features table has been corrected for improved accuracy.
  • Post type has been removed from free features to prevent potential errors.
  • Issues with missing fields after accordion collapse have been fixed, leading to a smoother and more consistent user experience.
  • Various small bugs have been addressed and resolved.
  • Several WooCommerce issues have been fixed, ensuring compatibility and functionality of the plugin with WooCommerce.

Version 1.1.0

Date: Wed Sep 14 2022

New Features
  • A working theme updater has been added to enable automatic updates for the plugin, keeping it up to date with the latest changes and improvements.
  • Forms have been modified to require a path and URI during instantiation to ensure CSS/JS load correctly.
  • The dyg-form input clear icon has been fixed so that it applies to all forms, not just dygpg forms.
Bug Fixes
  • Issue of dyg_path_to_url not being available from functions has been fixed.
  • get_stylesheet_directory and get_stylesheet_directory_uri have been replaced with defined constants for greater reliability.