Support Request

Getting Support

At Advanced Grid Builder (AGB), we strive to make the process of getting support as straightforward as possible. We understand that you may encounter challenges or have questions while using our plugin, and we’re here to help.

Contacting Support Directly

We’ve integrated a way to contact our support team directly into the settings panel of each grid. This feature allows you to send a support request without leaving the plugin interface.

To submit a support request, simply enter your message into the provided text box and press the ‘Update’ button. An email containing your message, along with details about the settings of the grid from which the support request was sent, will be dispatched to our support team.

Support Response

Once we receive your support request, we will respond via email to the address you provided when you purchased the Pro plugin license. This ensures that we maintain a direct line of communication with our users and can provide timely assistance.

Please note that for privacy and licensing reasons, we can only reply to the registered email address. If your email address has changed since your purchase, please contact account support. This will allow us to update our records and ensure that you continue to receive the support you need.