Sort Widget

The sorting options in Advanced Grid Builder (AGB) allow you to configure a widget that enables users to sort the contents of a grid. The sorting process works by modifying the query string and forcing a page refresh, thereby displaying the grid contents in the chosen order.

Sort Widget

Check the ‘Show the dynamic sort widget’ option to enable the widget at the top of the grid. This will provide users with a visible and intuitive way to sort the grid contents.

Sort Fields

Check the fields you would like included in the widget. Each field can be clicked repeatedly to achieve an ascending or descending sort. If WooCommerce is installed, an additional ‘price’ field is available to check, allowing users to sort products by price.


AGB Theme v6.3.0
Postgrid ID
Accent Colour
Odd Colour
Even Colour
ID of agb to copy
ID to send to the cloud
ID to retrieve from the cloud
Grid type
Sort Widget
antique military leather boots

Antique Military Leather Boots

Sort Widget
assorted sea shells sourced from Northern Territory found C.1920

Assorted Sea Shells

Sort Widget
antique metal bird cage

Bird Cage

Sort Widget
bitossi blue cat

Bitossi Cat

Sort Widget
bitossi blue dog

Bitossi Dog

Sort Widget
bitossi blue elephant

Bitossi Elephant

Sort Widget
orange bitossi owl

Bitossi Owl

Sort Widget
assorted vintage glass bottles